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Oriental Medicine for Children

Oriental Medicine rarely involves the use of needles directly on children.  Instead depending on the age of the child, the modalities used to treat children include, treating the mother of the child, while the mother is holding the child or the child is sitting next to the mother, pediatric tui na, cupping, gua sha, special Japanese shoshin tools which gently engage the qi at acupuncture points, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) based nutrition counseling for the child, and various herbal preparations herbal preparations which can include the use of liniments for the skin.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) based Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is a very important part of Oriental Medicine.  Foods that are consumed can have a direct immediate impact on the body.  Different food choices can substantially affect the progress of the disease and the patient’s ability to heal in a timely manner.  Understanding how food can impact the body is very beneficial for the healing process. 

Healing Therapies for Health and Wellness

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